Xunjie packaging machinery, from Jinan Xunjie, Wuhan Xunjie, Jinan Dongtai together to create a brand packaging machinery, the company is committed to packaging machinery, packaging equipment design, research and development, manufacturing and sales.Has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification, filling and closure of the end of filler products have been certified by CE.Major end-products, such as letters, filling machines, electromagnetic induction-sealing machine, labeling machine, and other products.
>Filling Machine
Automatic oil, mucus filling line Automatic liquid filling machine
Paste, cosmetic filler Ointment, cream filling machine Filling hose-end closure
Electric liquid filling machine Peristaltic pump filling machine
>Packaging Machine
food packaging machine Zhenshi automated packaging machine
Vertical powder packaging machine Bags of liquid packaging machine
Quantitative powder packaging machine (semi-automatic)
Vacuum packaging machine
>Penma Machine >Hot pepper sauce, meat filling machine
>Heat shrinkable packaging machine
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(Sales Sector)
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